Exclusive. Trustworthy. Respected.

American Gold Rush provides exclusive, trustworthy government currency brands, as well as private mints, with the most honest and respected reputations worldwide. Our company has grown steadily and rapidly over the years into one of the most respected precious metal dealers in the USA. We offer retail customers a secure, convenient way to access physical gold produced by reputable government mints around the globe.

Our company offers flat-rate shipping and handling of $9.95 per order. Because we ship anywhere worldwide, we have a dynamic interface that allows us to process transactions in any major currency (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, CNY, and CHF). Our company has some of the most competitive exchange rates you’ll find in the industry! We’re the world class option to choose when purchasing gold and silver bullion.


We are major general contractors in remote mining villages in Africa, as well as owners of a refinery that produces our exclusive coins. Moreover, we have bars in gold’s purest form, which are strictly bullion and don’t have to be made by a government mint. American Gold Rush has produced our own new, pure minted 24K gold coins in 2013 too. With pricing as low as 3% per coin over spot, these custom pure gold coins represent what we stand for in America: liberty and freedom. They even include a map of the world on the back of them. All minted gold coins and bars can be safely stored in our new, high-tech secured private depository vaults on Long Island, NY.

Our coins are available in four different versions and weights. The privately issued one ounce pure gold coins have a diameter of 32mm, a thickness of 2.75mm, and contain one troy ounce of pure fine gold. Our one ounce gold, minted by American Gold Rush, is sold in single and variable units of one ounce coins.

We also have other versions, including a half ounce gold coin containing a half ounce of pure fine gold, a quarter ounce gold coin with a quarter ounce of pure fine gold, and a tenth ounce gold coin which has a tenth ounce of pure fine gold. All of our bullion coins are certified 24 karat fine gold. Each coin is genuine and guaranteed to contain the exact quantity of gold, minted exclusively in the United States, as well as Africa. They meet the highest, rigid quality standards of American Gold Rush’s custom bullion mint division.